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You Can't Take It With You

126 min
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You Can't Take It With You, On Demand Movie, Comedy

Plot Summary

Plot: When Tony brings his parents to visit, they find the Vanderhoff home to be a virtual three-ring circus. Following a police raid that lands the Kirbys and the Vanderhoffs in jail, Kirby, Sr.'s superiority complex riles Grandpa, who has his friends clear up the case after Kirby's battery of lawyers fail.Infuriated by the Kirby's smugness, Alice leaves both Tony and her home. Because the house seems empty without her, Grandpa sells out. And though finally having the all power he sought, Kirby' finds that his heart is no longer in it.Upon returning home to find the furniture being moved out, Alice hides when Tony arrives. But, when Kirby, Sr. shows up, orders the furniture put back and then challenges Grandpa to a harmonica duel, his family stays for dinner just to prove that they have been reborn.
Not Rated by the Motion Picture Association of America.


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