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Wargames (1983)

112 min
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Wargames (1983), On Demand Movie, Drama

Plot Summary

Plot: A teenager (an engaging Matthew Broderick), bored by traditional high-school subjects like biology but brilliant with computers, innocently taps into a top-secret Pentagon computer (the country's Norad missile-defense system). This sets in motion what he innocently believes is a war game entitled Global Thermonuclear War. But, in reality, the game is the real thing! The best minds at the Pentagon can't shut down or reprogram the Super Computer that is preparing to launch missiles at the USSR, and thereby unleash Armageddon. The teenager (with the assistance of girlfriend Ally Sheedy) tries to aid the helpless Pentagon and, in a frantic race against a quickly ticking doomsday clock, persuades the computer to end the game.
Rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.


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