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The Fog (2005)

99 min
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The Fog (2005), On Demand Movie, Action DigitalMovies, Horror DigitalMovies, Thriller & Suspense

Plot Summary

Plot: In 1871, as an eerie mist rose over the sea, four men committed a ghastly crime. The crew and all the passengers of a clipper ship sank to a watery grave. Their stories remained untold, as an impenetrable fog concealed the grisly secret for generations. But when a boat captain, Nick Castle (Tom Welling), hooks his anchor on an old sea bag and spills its contents, it triggers a series of terrifying events that have deadly consequences on their small island. As artifacts from the past begin washing ashore, the vengeful spirits of their previous owners are unleashed. Also swept up in the disturbing events are Nick's ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth (Maggie Grace), who has recently returned to town, and his sometime squeeze, Stevie (Selma Blair), single mother, keeper of the lighthouse and owner of the local radio station.
Rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America.


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