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Falsely Accused

81 min
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Falsely Accused, On Demand Movie, Drama DigitalMovies, Thriller & Suspense DigitalMovies, Thriller

Plot Summary

Plot: SHELLY YATES (17) desperately wants to find out who is responsible for the murders of her family members. The people of the small farming community where Shelly grew up are quick to point fingers at her and the local police are watching her. Constant accusations and a disoriented, traumatized state are a great challenge to Shelly. She becomes increasingly convinced that a disgruntled farmer, GUS, and his alcoholic son, JEREMY, are responsible for the murders. The only person who believes Shelly and wants to help her prove her innocence is a mysterious young man, RAY GAINEY (18). The connection between Shelly and Roy grows as they face great dangers in their pursuit of answers. Shelly is fueled to find the truth at any cost. Ultimately, finding clarity in her own self-perception reveals to Shelly, and Roy, that things are not always what they seem.
Not Rated by the Motion Picture Association of America.


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