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Absence Of Malice

116 min
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Absence Of Malice, On Demand Movie, Drama DigitalMovies, Romance

Plot Summary

Plot: In America, a man is innocent until proven guilty. But is this always the case? When Michael Gallagher (Paul Newman), a legitimate businessman, reads the morning newspaper, he discovers his life is the front-page headline. Learning he is the subject of a criminal investigation, Gallagher's world begins to fall apart as he realizes he is already considered guilty and must prove himself innocent. Everything he has worked for is now in jeopardy. When he confronts the writer, Megan Carter (Sally Field), a relentless investigative reporter, the two discover everything is not as it seems. The story was purposely leaked to Carter as part of a conspiracy plot led by the chief investigator. Gallagher's life now hangs in the balance while he and Carter struggle to uncover the truth in time.
Rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.


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