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Zyzzyx Road

1:30 min
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Zyzzyx Road, Movie on DVD, Drama Movies, Action

Plot Summary

Plot: An illicit affair between an accountant locked in an unhappy marriage and a seductive Las Vegas beauty leads them both down a dangerous path in this thriller that took in $30 at the box office when originally released in 2007. Grant (Leo Grillo) loves his daughter, but can't stand the sight of his wife. Determined to make a killing in Las Vegas, he heads into a local casino and crosses paths with Marissa (Katherine Heigl). Before long the pair is are back in Grant's hotel room, where things quickly get hot and heavy. But it all goes wrong when Marissa's violent ex-boyfriend Joey (Tom Sizemore) crashes through the door in a fit of rage. When the smoke clears, Joey is dead. Determined not to spend the rest of their lives in prison, Grant and Marissa plot to bury the body on Zyzzyx Road. When the corpse goes missing, the couple starts to question whether Joey was ever really dead in the first place. They get their answer when Joey mysteriously reappears, resuming the fight under the dark desert sky. Eventually the two brawlers realize they're an even match, and the fight reaches an impasse. As the two men start talking, they realize they'er both being manipulated by Marissa all along. Later crossing paths with a low-life meth dealer (Ricky Medlocke), the two men realize they've been drawn into a mystery where no one can be trusted, and each move could be their last.
Not Rated by the Motion Picture Association of America.


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