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The Lazarus Papers

1:30 min
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The Lazarus Papers, Movie on DVD, Action
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Plot Summary

A band of violent mercenaries, led by the soulless Riker, travels to the jungle of Southeast Asia to kidnap native girls for the sex trade, killing their spiritual leader, Aroon in the melee. Lovely Nana finds herself hopelessly trapped in a vicious cycle of perversion, violence, alcohol and drug addiction, until she takes matters into her own hands. Lonny Smith is a young man about to die, who cashes in his life insurance policy and sets out to find "love" – even if he has to buy it – before his imminent demise. When Lonny connects with the desperate Nana, neither of them has anything left to lose. On the run, ruthlessly pursued by Riker and others, they return to her mysterious homeland to seek Aroon’s help from beyond the grave.
Rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for violence, sexual content, drug use and language.


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