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Starting December 2, the price for DVDs will increase 30¢ to $1.50 a day, and the price for Blu-ray™ Discs will increase 50¢ to $2 a day. Starting January 6, the price for video games will increase $1 to $3 a day.*

Redbox will still be the best value for new-release movies and games.

With the changes, we’re going to bring you more of what you love about Redbox, including more personalized recommendations and deals, and improvements to the Redbox experience. You’ll also continue to get:

  • Emails, texts and social posts that offer up great deals. You can join Redbox Play Pass and earn a free movie night** just for signing up and double points now through the end of December.
  • A best-in-class mobile app that lets you find and reserve your rentals ahead of time.
  • Thousands of convenient locations, at the places you already shop, and a rent-and-return-anywhere® policy that lets you return your discs to any box in the country.



Why did you raise your prices?
We raised our prices to continue to bring you the best value for the latest movies and games on the formats you want, including Blu-ray™ (for the highest-quality viewing experience) and new-generation games.  We’re also investing to improve your experience at redbox.com, on our mobile apps and at the box. We’re always looking for the best ways to enhance your entertainment needs and bring you the best value.

How did you pick the prices?
We regularly test prices, and we carefully selected the new prices to offer you the best experience while keeping daily rental prices low.

What if I still want to pay less for my rentals?
While our daily rental prices are changing and remain a great value, you can check out the Redbox Deal Zone where we’ll always share the best ways to save on entertainment, like connecting with us via email, our Text Club and Redbox Play Pass, our new point-based rewards program.

Is the price of video games changing?
Yes, starting January 6, the price for video games will be $3.00 a day.*

Why are you raising the price of video games?
We’re raising the price of games so we can stock more top titles and roll out games for new consoles to more cities next year.

Is the new price just for the first rental day, or for all days?
The new price is for each day you keep your DVD, Blu-ray Disc or game.

What if I rent a disc before the price changed and return it after? Will I be charged the new price for the extra days?
You’ll be charged the original daily rate that was listed at checkout when you rented your disc.

If I use a promo code to rent a disc, how much will I be charged?
Promo codes will work the same way they always have. If your promo code is for a free 1-day DVD rental, you won’t be charged for the first day you rent a DVD. If it’s for a specific discount on a rental, like 50¢, you’ll get that discount for your first rental day.

How much will I be charged if I don’t return a rental?
For each day you keep a rental, you'll be charged the daily fee. Applicable tax is added to or included in the daily fee, depending upon what state you’re in. You have the maximum rental period listed at the kiosk to return the disc before you'll be charged the maximum charge. You can always see daily pricing on the checkout screen when you rent.

What is the maximum rental period?
In most cases, the maximum rental period is 17 days for a DVD, 17 days for a Blu-ray Disc and 23 days for a game. After that, the disc is yours to keep. You can always see the maximum rental period on the checkout screen when you rent.

If you still have questions, please contact us.


New Releases

*Prices may vary in certain places. You can always see daily pricing on the checkout screen when you rent. **Promo code for free 1-day DVD rental will be emailed within 48 hours of joining Redbox Play Pass. Subject to additional terms. Void where prohibited.