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At Redbox, we believe that entertainment is an important part of our lives. The shared experience of attending a community event or watching a movie brings us closer to one another, building a strong, interconnected community.

In 2012 we made a grant to OCLC, a worldwide library cooperative, to pilot a new community initiative called Outside the Box. Our first signature cause program empowers neighborhood leaders to create unique public entertainment experiences that bring people together and strengthen their communities.

The program is being piloted in five geographically diverse communities in 2013. Along with our partners, OCLC and the Project for Public Spaces, we’re giving each community a range of support and resources – from movies and games to outdoor screens and seating – to make their public events meaningful.

The five partner communities include:

  • Billings, Montana (Billings Public Library)
  • Chicago, Illinois (West Town Branch of the Chicago Public Library)
  • Columbia, South Carolina (Richland Library)
  • Columbus, Georgia (Chattahoochee Valley Libraries)
  • Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cuyahoga County Public Library)


Questions & Answers

  • How can my community be considered for an Outside the Box grant?

Thanks for your interest in Outside the Box! At this time, we’re focusing on our initial pilot communities and not considering additional partners. Please check back at a later date for updated information about the program and how you can get involved.


  • Can I attend an Outside the Box event?

Absolutely! We’d love to see you at an event. The following libraries are planning Outside the Box events; please check their calendars for the most up-to-date information: Billings Public Library; Chattahoochee Valley Libraries; Cuyahoga County Public Library.


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