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The Redbox Card

Redbox gift cards are like endless love—they never expire! So mail them a physical gift card so they can hold it and hug it. Or email them a digital Redbox Card for instant gratification. Both cards can only be used to rent DVDs and Blu-ray Discs®. Either way, they are so loving you.

Redbox Card (physical)

Purchase a traditional, physical card to mail to recipient.

Made of the finest polymers, it’s slim, fits in your wallet and can be swiped at any Redbox kiosk or used for online reservations. The card value is $25 and can only be used for DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

Ship a Physical Redbox Card

Redbox Card (digital)

Purchase a virtual gift card to email or print out.

Talk about instant gratification, the digital Redbox Card can be used immediately to reserve DVDs and Blu-ray movies at Values start at $10 and go up in $5 increments to a max of $150 if you really like someone! And yes, you can email one to yourself. Who can blame you?

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Register & Manage Gifts

Managing your Redbox Cards is easy! Go to My Account to see all your registered Redbox Cards, add a new card or check your Redbox Card balance.

Promo Code Bundles

Buy bundles of promo codes for movie or game nights that can be sent via email or printed to hand deliver.

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Promo Code Bulk Orders

For large orders of Promo Code Bundles ($1500 or more).

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