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NASCAR '14 X360

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  • Rating: E
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Plot: You love sitting back and watching a race. You know that every tiny maneuver has a purpose and that you fought for every foot of advantage gained. The thrill of amazing speeds and screaming engines is in your blood, and every single Saturday, it pumps through your veins. When it's NASCAR season, you watch your favorite drivers build their legacy one race at a time with avid interest. Well, it's time to take the wheel into your own hands. Experience that thrill for yourself, join the ranks of NASCAR legends and finally satisfy your unquenchable thirst for an open throttle and a track full of competition. Pick up your controller and dive into the thrilling motor sports racing universe in NASCAR '14. As you watch the NASCAR season unfold, take the wheel from your favorite driver in NASCAR Highlights and experience races with identical conditions — the cars are the same, the weather is the same and the tracks are the same. The only difference is you — so you know that only your talent on the course can change the outcome. Dive into Career mode and build your own legacy by crafting custom cars, acquiring sponsors and engaging in R&D that can ultimately result in your team in the victory lane. With official NASCAR teams and tracks, you can experience the high banks of Daytona, the twists and turns of Sonoma and the screaming-fast speeds of Talladega as you race against drivers you recognize for a realistic experience that will get your heart pounding. Or see who has what it takes among your friends by hosting an online league with dynamic statistics, rankings and replay. Online multiplayer features dynamic skill-based matchmaking, tournaments and easy drop-in/drop-out server browser functionality for an easy, enjoyable experience that lets you truly test your talent. You love watching the races unfold — take the wheel experience it for yourself.
Rated E - Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.
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