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Fighter Within Xbox One

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Fighter Within Xbox One, Game on XBOXONE, Action

Plot Summary

Plot: You religiously follow the careers of your favorite professional fighters, watching their every move, judging their strengths and weaknesses, gauging their chances against each opponent. You're well aware that while each of these athletes are at peak physical form, it takes more than just brute force for them to be at the top. Lightning-fast reaction times combine with a mind that never stops evaluating their opponent — they know exactly when the right time is to perform each move, which attacks will serve the best purpose and, most importantly, when to finish their opponent off with that final, devastating blow. You've studied the skills of a fighter enough to know that if your chance came to climb in the ring, you could deliver some serious damage. Find out if you truly have with it takes. Find out who you are in the ring. Discover the Fighter Within. By taking full advantage of awe-inspiring Kinect technology, Fighter Within brings you the next generation of motion recognition in a game that tests your true fighting skills by using one-to-one precision movement tracking to translate your kicks, punches, counters, throws, combos and special moves in real life onto the screen. Extraordinary graphics, out-of-this-world animations and impressive real-time damage ensure that you truly feel as though you have been dropped into the heart of the fight where every move counts. To further the authentic fighting feel, Fighter Within places an emphasis on superior fighting tactics being necessary to win a fight — use your surroundings to your advantage, choose the right moves, form signature attacks for your rival, perfect your timing and more. When you've honed your skills against fighters in the game, invite your friends over for a local multiplayer experience that truly allows you to earn bragging rights in ultraraw fighting sessions. So, set down the gamepad, step into the ring and discover how this realistic fighting simulator will set a new bar in immersive, physically active bare knuckle fighting action.
Rated T - Teen, ages 13 and older by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for Blood, Mild Language, Violence .


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