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Diversity and Inclusion in Redbox Careers

Companies that engage both the hearts and minds of employees make the best places to work. At Redbox, we strive to create a place where each of us can be ourselves, and we value the unique strengths, skills, and backgrounds employees have to contribute.

To celebrate how our differences and lives outside of work enrich our business every day, employees were asked to complete the sentence: “We are _____, because I am _____.”

See what employees had to say and catch a glimpse of the unique personalities that make working at Redbox something special.

Business Resource Groups

There are a number of employee-led Business Resource Groups available to help employees network, exchange views, and accelerate their professional growth and development. Through these groups, employees with shared interests in areas such as race, gender, life stage and sexual orientation can engage in the work of diversity and inclusion and act as a resource for employees and the company.

Participation is voluntary and is open to all employees.


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