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As part of its provision of the Redbox Platform, Redbox may make available a service by which users may view, rent or purchase a license to certain digital items (“Digital Items”) to be viewed on a computer or other device  (the “Digital Service”). The Digital Service is governed by these Redbox Digital Service Terms and the Redbox Terms of Use. These Redbox Digital Service Terms are Additional Terms as defined in the Redbox Terms of Use.  By participating in the Digital Service you agree to these Redbox Digital Service Terms and the Redbox Terms of Use. All capitalized terms in these Redbox Digital Service Terms that are not defined in these Redbox Digital Service Terms will have the meaning given to them in the Redbox Terms of Use.  Digital Items are “Items” as defined in the Redbox Terms of Use.

The Redbox Digital Service Generally.  You will need to use a computer or other device that satisfies the hardware and other system requirements that we establish in order to use some or all features of the Digital Service or use Digital Items (any a "Compatible Device"). Digital Items rented or purchased through the Digital Service will typically be accessible by downloading a copy or by streaming the Digital Item.  The product page for each Digital Item will indicate how the item can be viewed and, if the Digital Item is available for rental, the duration of the rental period. As described above, use of the Redbox Digital Service is subject to our Transaction Terms, in addition to these Terms.

Territorial Restrictions.  The Digital Service is subject to geographic restrictions as set out in the Transaction Terms. (For purposes of these Terms, all locale(s) in which the Digital Service is available are referred to collectively as the “Territory.”) You agree that you will not use or attempt to use the Digital Service from outside the Territory and you understand and agree that Redbox may enforce or verify your compliance with this requirement through the use of digital rights-management and other technologies.

License to Digital Items. Subject to compliance with these Redbox Digital Service Terms, the Redbox Terms of Use and the Transaction Terms (and any other applicable Additional Terms), Redbox grants you a non-exclusive, non- transferable, non-sublicensable, limited right and license to access and view the Digital Item you choose to rent or purchase for your own non-commercial, private use in accordance with the Usage Rules set out in the Transaction Terms and during the specified viewing term for which you have acquired the Digital Item. Without limiting those usage rules, you (i) may only make personal, non-commercial use of Digital Items; (ii) may not sell, rent, distribute, broadcast, sublicense, or assign your right to any Digital Item to a third party, except as expressly permitted by Redbox; and (iii) may not use the Digital Service for any commercial purpose, for any unlawful purpose, or any way in violation of these Redbox Digital Service Terms. By way of example only, a license to access and view a Digital Item does not include the right to publicly present a Digital Item (even if you do not charge a fee for such presentation).

Security Measures & Non-Circumvention. We may use digital rights-management and other technology that limits your use of and access to Digital Items.  Such digital rights-management technology may, without limitation, block your viewing of a Digital Item from locales outside the Territory or may disable access to or remove from your Compatible Device any rented Digital Item following the expiration of the rental period. You agree not to attempt to (and not to assist or encourage any third party to) disable, bypass, modify, defeat, violate, remove, impair, circumvent, or otherwise interfere with the proper function of any digital rights-management technology integrated into or applied to Digital Items.  You agree that such digital rights-management technology is an integral and inseparable part of the Digital Item you have acquired.  Tampering with or circumventing such digital rights-management technology or otherwise accessing or using a Digital Item in violation of our usage rules or any other provision of these Redbox Digital Service Terms may constitute copyright infringement.

Objectionable Content.  You understand that, in accessing Digital Items, you may encounter material that you consider offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable. Digital Items may or may not be identified as containing explicit materials.  You agree that your use of the Digital Service and viewing of Digital Items is at your own risk and that Redbox will have no liability to you or anyone viewing a Digital Item through your account for any material accessed through the Digital Service that you consider offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.

No Guarantee of Continuing Availability. Digital Items you have purchased will generally remain available to you for streaming or download (as applicable) from the Digital Service.  However, any Digital Item may become unavailable at any time and for any reason, including due to potential content provider licensing restrictions.  Redbox will have no liability to you if any Digital Item you have purchased becomes unavailable for further download or streaming. If you intend to download any Digital Item you purchase through the Digital Service, we encourage you to do so promptly following purchase. Once we make a Digital Item you have purchased or rented available to you, you are responsible for completing the download of that Digital Item (if you choose to download it) and for all risk of loss of the Digital Item thereafter.   

Streaming. The resolution and quality of any stream of a Digital Item depends on a number of factors beyond Redbox’s control, including the bandwidth of your Internet connection and the type of Compatible Device you are using. As a result, Redbox cannot make any guarantees regarding the resolution or quality of Digital Items that you stream.  This disclaimer applies even if you have paid a premium for access to a high-definition version of the Digital Item.

Termination & Modification.  Redbox may terminate your use of the Digital Service at any time as described in the “Termination” section of the Redbox Terms of Use and, in doing so, may preclude your access to the Digital Service and any Digital Item(s) you purchased prior to termination. Redbox reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Digital Service (or any features or part thereof) at any time and without notice to you, and Redbox will not be liable to you should it exercise such rights, even if your use of or access to previously purchased Digital Items is adversely affected by such modification.