Redbox Careers

Corporate Responsibility and Redbox Careers

We are building a better world through automated solutions and by giving back to our communities and the environment.

The last few years have been a time of unprecedented growth—and with this growth comes responsibility.



Starting with our greatest asset—our small footprint kiosks—we’re working to ensure our kiosks have a small environmental footprint as well. We’ve set goals to reduce our environmental impact and our commitment includes kiosk manufacturing and supply chain, operations, transportation, energy use, and the office environment where we work every day.



We are committed to building a culture that supports healthy, strong communities. We have a number of programs in place to build a culture that puts community prosperity at its center and to support employees as they get involved in the community.

  • Paid Volunteer Time
  • Company Service Events
  • Dollars for Doers and Matched Giving Program
  • In-Kind Giving
  • Charitable Giving


We invite you to take a look at our first CSR Report, which will give you a glimpse into the good work taking place at Outerwall Inc. and our commitments to improve in the future.